​​​​​​​​​PESA Judging Criteria​​

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Judges will refer to the description of Plain English provided as the basis for the judging criteria.
A fundamental criterion is that contestants are required to speak in internationally acceptable English.

Content (25%)

Speeches with a high interest value will be awarded a higher mark.

Language Use (25%)

Contestants are expected to use Standard English and appropriate vocabulary.

Voice (25%)

A good voice is one that is clear and where the message is effectively conveyed and understood. Intonation, pacing and volume should be varied and used to good effect.

Manner (25%)

The message communicated should be sincere. The effective use of body language (e.g. facial expressions and gestures) will also be credited.

Language (40%)

Contestants are expected to speak with grammatical accuracy and clarity. The effective use of language will also be rewarded.

Substance (30%)

The substance of the speech must be relevant throughout to the topic given, be meaningful and easily understood.

Personal Voice (30%)

Contestant should be natural, sincere and able to engage the audience.