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General Procedure (For Live Competition)

1      Flash photography & videography by members of the audience are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

2      Contestants will be seated according to the balloting number obtained during registration, 45minutes before 

        the competition.

3      The emcee will introduce each contestant by announcing the contestant's name, school and the title of his/her


4     Contestants who are not present during her or his turn will be disqualified.

5     Contestants are advised to stand at a designated area on the stage and may not leave the stage until they   

        have completed their speeches.

6     Contestants may use either a clip-on microphone or a wireless handheld microphone during the competition

        (subject to availability).

7     There will be an interval of approximately one minute between speeches to allow judges to grade the


8     Contestants must remain in their allocated seats until they are called on stage to speak and must return to

       their seats immediately after speaking.

9     Contestants and members of the audience are requested to remain silent throughout the competition to avoid  

       distracting the speakers and judges.

10   Contestants and members of the audience are NOT ALLOWED to communicate with judges and timekeepers at 

        any time during the competition.

11   This is strictly a Plain Speaking Competition, NOT a Talent Competition.   Singing, acting, playing of an                      

       instrument, and/or use of props are not permissible and will be penalised.

12    All participants must avoid making references of a coarse or inappropriate nature.  This includes, (but is not

        limited to) inappropriate racial and religious references and sexual innuendoes. Failure to do so may result

        in disqualification.

13   Contestants are strongly advised to refrain from using cue cards on stage, as marks will be penalised if they do