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  • Contestants are required to relate an account of an authentic personal experience that they have encountered in their lives.
  • Contestants must prepare original speeches. The reference to any quotations and sources used in the speech must be cited during the delivery of the speech.  Plagiarism will lead to Immediate Disqualification.
  • Contestants are not allowed to use past years' scripts for their speeches.
  • For the Primary Categories' Semi-Finals, contestants may present the same speech used in the Preliminary round (video submission).
  • For the Secondary & JC/CI/ITE/POLY Categories' Semi-Finals, contestants have to attend an experiential learning trip and prepare their speeches based on the experience.  They are allowed to set their own topics.
  • For the Finals,
    • Pre-School finalists are allowed to repeat the same speech as that used in the Preliminary round (video submission).
    • Primary Categories' have to prepare a speech based on a different theme that will be given at a later date. 
    • Secondary & JC/CI/ITE/POLY Categories' finalists are required to prepare a new speech about the same experiential learning trip, based on a different angle.
  • Contestants have to submit a copy of their scripts (via email)​ to the Secretariat, at least 3 working days before the Finals.


Pre-School and Lower Primary Categories
The preliminary round prepared speech should be about "What I Like About Singapore".
Upper Primary & Lower Secondary Categories 
The preliminary round prepared speech should be about "I Have A Super Power".

Upper Secondary & JC/CI/ITE/POLY Categories
The preliminary round prepared speech should be about "DNA of My Community".